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MISSION:  The A.S.K. Charitable, Inc. non-profit organization was formed to provide children with a fun, safe, affordable and educational environment during their before and after school experience. We strive to help families with financial assistance for their child’s before and after school care tuition needs using a sliding scale system. 

A.S.K Charitable

A.S.K. Charitable, Inc. non-profit company was established in Northern Colorado by Bill Black, owner of After School Kindness, with its' primary mission aimed at providing affordable before and after school care - and additional academic support - for all families, including families in need of financial assistance. After School Kindness.was formed with the mission of creating quality family time by making sure most - if not all - homework is completed with excellence (striving to achieve a report card reflecting above average performance), by the time children are picked up by parents after attending our program. Thus, A.S.K. Charitable, Inc. provides a means to obtain additional funding (via donations, fundraisers and grants) to achieve our mission.

GOAL:  Our goal is to make before and after school care affordable for ALL families while providing group tutoring that will help with the children’s academic success. We make sure most, if not all, homework is done and completed by the time you pick up your child from school = More Quality Family Time! 

Providing Affordable Before and After School Care


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