If so, we ask for your support philosophically first, then financially of A.S.K. Charitable ... Where ALL Children Come First

  • Wonderful, secure, happy retirement with strong financial security because of the confidence they learned while growing up.
  • To have a job they love to wake up to every day of their lives because of their wonderful education
  • To attend a Graduate School after attending the College of their choice while on an Educational Scholarship
  • To make fantastic grades while in High School so as to attend the College of their choice
  • To be team leader in their academic or sporting activities while in Middle School.
  • To be tutored from kindergarten up on how to study, what it takes to set goals, how to make/maintain an A average and the overwhelming confidence it provides once they do!


Begin With The End In Mind - Would you like this for your child?

Failure Is Not An Option with the A.S.K. Program. The Children are our future leaders... we must start the education process now.

A.S.K. Charitable, Inc. was formed in Northern Colorado by Bill Black, owner of After School Kindness. The After School Kindness program (since 2007) was formed with the mission of creating more family time by making sure most if not all the homework was done and completed by the time your child was picked up. Mr. Black saw the academic success skills with the children and the satisfaction of the parents from the certified teachers hired...but had limited funding to help group tutor all the children. That is when the idea of forming a Non-Profit charity organization came to mind. Having the opportunity to raise funding through donations, fundraisers and grants affords us the opportunity to hire more certified teachers who will help group tutor our children. The teachers will also partner with us in helping ALL the children who participate in achieving the goal of an A average. We realize this is a lofty goal, however, we must start somewhere if we want to help our children succeed. If we don’t reach our goal of 100% of the A.S.K. children acquiring an A average we will just have to accept the fact that life is not always perfect and some will have to settle for a B+ average..

Our After School Kare Philosophy

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