Dear Mr. Black,
    I wanted to let you know how much we really appreciated the outside programming that 1st Choice After School Kare (A.S.K.) did while Morgan was a part of your wonderful team.  To this day she still talks about the day the Colorado Eagles Hockey players came to visit. The fact that you guys do this annually for several of your schools is terrific! I am thankful that local "Stars" take an interest in school children.  It's a really "make my day" type of event for a kiddos.
     We greatly appreciated too the fact that you hire certified teachers who group tutor all the children. As for Morgan, this helped her feel very comfortable when we transferred her from her old school to her new school at Liberty Common Charter in Ft. Collins. As an experienced parent checking out many after care programs, your ASK program offers so much more than most parents expect. Going above and beyond in hiring specialty event professionals weekly to teach a variety of activities like Artist, Music, Martial Arts, Soccer and more is awesome. This is not mention the Teachers who help with the homework. That alone is worth every dime of tuition paid. Knowing that I can come home and spend more time with Morgan without worrying if the homework is done is invaluable.
Thank you again for going above and beyond all other after care programs offered in Colorado. 
     As a side, I am an Optometrist specializing in eye health care and vision. I also love working with children and families! 
Old Town Fort Collins location, directly east of the downtown Safeway. 
     Bill, Fort Collins has been my home for the past 30 years and I wrote this to let you to know how much we as parents appreciate your ASK Company helping make Fort Collins and Northern Colorado a desirable place to raise a family.
Dr. Tammra Johnson, O.D.
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After School Kare Testimonials

"I love being a tutor at the Loveland Classical Schools ASK program.  The students who go to ASK at LCS, often come from households with two working parents or a working single parent.  Getting home later in the evening, the main focus becomes dinner and then bedtime routines. Students become susceptible to falling behind in their school work.  Since the students are allotted a generous amount of time to work on their homework and keep up on assignments during ASK, it leaves home time as family time.  This is my 3rd year at LCS as a teacher and I think it’s a great thing that ASK employs a teacher whom the students know. They get the advantage of having a tutor who is familiar with the curriculum, the teaching style, and the school’s core virtues, and will hold them to the same high expectations they have in class.  The ASK Tutoring Program not only benefits the student but the entire family as well." 

Mandi Archer, 1st Grade Coordinator
Loveland Classical Schools


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